Welcome to Newport & District Swimming Club



 "The Cubs"

 These are our development swimmers, starting from aprox. 8 years old. This squad begin to learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming – from the rules, to performing a competitive style of each stroke. Swimmers are accepted into this squad following: completion of Stage 6 from the Swim England ASA Framework demonstrating they can perform rhythmical breathing for all 4 strokes (Or Equivalent), and either an invitation OR a successful trial session at the club.

  • Completion (or working towards), or at the standard of Stage 6 from the Swim England ASA Framework.

  • Rhythmical breathing across 4 strokes.

  • A passion for swimming.


 "Rain Wolves"

 Swimmers are beginning to increase their fitness levels and aerobic capacity. This squad also looks at improving stroke efficiency over 200-300m distances. Swimmers will learn and fully appreciate the competitive aspects of swimming strokes and will be able to successfully perform the appropriate starts, turns, and underwater phases of the different strokes.

  • Swim 300m Front Crawl continuously, maintaining an efficient stroke throughout.

  • Understand the basics of swimming rules, and be able to perform legally, a minimum of 3 strokes.

  • 50m Freestyle PB<48.00s.

  • Complete a minimum of 1.8km in a 60-minute session.


 "Arctic Wolves"

 Swimmers are starting to qualify, enter and swim at a County Level. Swimmers are continuing to build their endurance, they will complete 3,000m+ in a session, and they will learn to efficiently perform the appropriate starts, turns and underwater phases of the different strokes. Swimmers will also be aiming to train 3 sessions per week with the goal of becoming competent in 3-4 competitive strokes. Swimmers will be aiming to compete across 50m/100m/200m distances entering range of competition’s (which the club will attend) across the year.

  • Minimum of 2-sessions per week. AIM for 3-sessions.

  • 3 LEGAL competitive style strokes.

  • 50m Freestyle PB<44.50s.

  • 200m Freestyle PB<3:45.00.

  • 50m Backstroke PB<47.00s

  • Either: 50m Breaststroke or 50m Butterfly PB<58.00s

  • T-20 Distance > 875m

  • Be able to complete a minimum of 3km in a 1-hour 30-minute session.


  “Sea Wolves”

Swimmers in this squad will train a minimum of 3 sessions a week, with the opportunity to train 4 sessions. Swimmers here will perform at County Level. Alongside competing 50m/100m/200m distances, swimmers will also enter 800m and 1,500m events. Swimmers will begin to master stroke specific drills with the aim of fine-tuning specific aspects of the different strokes. This squad will cover distances of up to 4,000m+ in a session, with a strong aim of continuously building endurance.

  • Train a MINIMUM of 3 sessions per week.

  • 50m Freestyle PB<38.00s.

  • 200m Freestyle PB<3:15.00.

  • 50m Backstroke PB<43.50s.

  • Either: 200m Backstroke PB<3:30.00. OR 200m Breaststroke PB<4:00.00.

  • T-20 Distance > 1,075m

  • Be able to complete a minimum of 4.0km in an 1-hour 30-minute session.


“The Takaya's" – Named after the determined and resilient Sea Wolf, Takaya, who swam 2-miles through strong currents to reach his destination – a small archipelago to make his home.

 The Takaya's are aiming both to and are achieving, at County Level, whilst also swimming at Regional Level. Swimmers have progressed, and are now accustomed, to intense training sessions where they will cover 4,500m+ in a session. Swimmers will become proficient at performing advanced swimming drills aimed at improving specific aspects of their swimming stroke. Whilst also developing their energy systems, executing training sets at a high intensity designed to help the swimmers achieve their best performance potential.

  • Train a MINIMUM of 3 sessions per week, AIM for 4 sessions.

  • Legal 200m I.M. (PB<3:10.00).

  • 50m Freestyle PB<33.50s.

  • 200m Freestyle PB<2:40.00.

  • 50m Backstroke PB<38.50s.

  • T-20 Distance > 1,275m.

  • Be able to complete a minimum of 4.5km in an 1-hour 30-minute session.